Are you thinking of buying The BodyBoss Method Ultimate Fitness Guide? Before you do, read my review… It may change your mind!

My Bodyboss Review

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my 2 daughters Mia and Molly (yes I know, a lot of M’s!)

I am a single mother and was divorced earlier this year when I found out my husband of 6 years had been cheating on me with a women he worked with.

Plain and simple it sucked.

My husband’s excuse was he started finding my unattractive because I had put on some weight after we had our daughters.

I will say, I agree that I put on quite a bit of extra weight but the fact he cheated because of it just made me sick.

I was absolutely determined after this to start eating better and exercising so I could get in the best shape of my life and my ex could see what he lost! At the same time I wanted to turn my life around to be a much better mother and role model to my daughters.

I ended up going on Google and searching for a good workout program that I could do at home in my spare time.  I ended up on the BodyBoss Method official site.

The program was $66, but the site showed some great results so I went ahead and made the purchase.  Unfortunately I regret that now…

What’s Included With BodyBoss?

It took about 2 weeks for my product to arrive and when I opened it up I was SHOCKED! What I saw was just a paper booklet with a bunch of exercises inside.

Maybe it’s my fault for not reading much into the description of the product but I spent almost $70 so I expected to be receiving a little bit more… but sadly it wasn’t.

Why so much money for just a paper guide??

There were no digital workouts, no supplement guides, no grocery lists, and no nutrition guides.  What’s a good workout program if you don’t know the foods to eat along with it?

Anyway, I had just spent a ton of money so I figured I would give the program a try anyway and unfortunately that was another bad decision on my part…

What I Thought Of BBM

So after doing the Bodyboss program for a few days I began to realize something… I felt like I was doing the same exercises over and over and over again.

I felt like the entire Bodyboss book was just a combination of 12 exercises all mixed together.  It seemed very repetitive and I didn’t feel like the workouts were very unique.

Some of the exercises and movements aren’t really explained well either which made it really hard for a beginner like me to do at the time.

At the end of the first week I started getting really bored with the program.

This is when it would have been nice to have some digital workouts or DVDs included so there could be a person or coach there to motivate me and help push me through.

But all I had was my spiral notebook of exercises.

All in all I just don’t think Bodyboss is for beginners and you really need to be self-motivated in order to do it (especially since you’ll be doing a lot of the same movements over and over again).

In my view, Bodyboss Method is worth 10 or 15 bucks, but DEFINITELY NOT $70!

So Were My Bodyboss Results Any Good?

At this point I’m supposed to show you my incredible transformation using the Bodyboss Method program… however there just one problem.

After week 2… I quit! #sorrynotsorry

I just couldn’t handle the repetitiveness of each workout and the fact that the program wasn’t for a beginner like me. Plus there was no nutrition guide to help me out so I was basically still eating everything.

I felt like I was doing myself much more harm than good!

While my attempt at Bodyboss was a straight up fail I still didn’t let it keep me from reaching my goal!

I went back online and started searching for a program that came with everything I desired.

I needed something that was catered more to beginners and also included digital workouts and some food/nutrition guides too!

The Alternative BodyBoss Program I Discovered

I ended up on a weight loss message board where I found other people talking about their disappointment with Bodyboss Method as well.

One member shared about a program called Bikini Body Workouts.  They said the program was like Bodyboss except on steroids lol!

I ended up doing some research and found the official site here:

I couldn’t believe how much was included with Bikini Body Workouts and it was only $29!

Check out the difference between the 2!

Workout ProgramBikini Body WorkoutBodyBoss Method
Workout GuidesYesYes
Beginner's WorkoutYesNo
Digital Workout VideosYesNo
Nutrition GuideYesNo
Supplement GuideYesNo
Coupon AvailableYes (15% Off)No
Best Results Expected In4 Weeks12 Weeks
Money Back GuaranteeYes (60 Days)No
Final Price$25 (After Coupon)$65

I went ahead and purchased Bikini Body Workouts using a coupon I found online that gave me 15% off.

Once I started the Bikini Body Program I immediately fell in love with it! The workouts were so much more fun!

I could follow along in the workout guide or on TV with my digital workouts.

Plus I had a nutrition guide helping me through the entire process of getting the right foods for my body.

I started looking forward to working out every day as well as eating the delicious foods from the guides!

BodyBoss Discounts And Coupons

Coupon Code
One thing I did before I bought Bodyboss was I searched the internet to find a good coupon to save me some money.  What I found out is that no Bodyboss coupons exist. Basically anybody that wants to buy it will have to pay full price.

As I said above though there is a coupon for Bikini Body Workouts! I got 15% off the total price bringing my total for the whole program to $25!

This is the link where I originally found the coupon, as of today it looks like it is still working:

My Final Thoughts On BBM

So you can obviously tell by now I was not super impressed with the BodyBoss Method workout.

I am not saying the program will not work for you as you can see on the website some people have had success, but there are far better workouts out there for a much cheaper price.

I just want you to be able to get in the best shape of your life in the most easiest and inexpensive way possible and I just don’t think you can do that with Bodyboss Method.

At the end of the day it is your decision entirely, the most important thing is that you get in shape and live a happy healthy life!

My AWESOME RESULTS From Using The Bikini Body Workout Program

Ok! I have some results to show you… but no they aren’t my Bodyboss results.

They are my results from 4 weeks of doing Bikini Body Workouts! So without further ado…..

So what do you think??

I lost 17 pounds in 4 weeks and couldn’t be more excited!

I feel so much more confident everywhere I go especially when it’s time to go to the beach and I get to put a bikini on!

Since losing all this weight and getting in great shape with the Bikini Body Workout program I feel like I’m so much of a better mother to my daughters.

I am someone they truly look up to and they enjoying working out and eating healthy with me too!

I’ll even let you in on a secret… just last week I had to see my husband for the first time in a few months and his jaw dropped to the floor when he saw me!

He kept asking me what I did and how amazing I look.

Sorry honey, you can look but you can’t touch! Lol!

For the first time in a long time I am truly happy and feel so incredible and healthy!

Final Thoughts and Wrap Up

To be honest if you take anything away from this review it’s this…

Whatever program you decide to do, whether it’s Bikini Body Workouts, Bodyboss Method or any other fitness program for that matter, just make sure you commit and do your very best and your results will follow!

What it comes down to is being committed and really shooting for your goals each and every day!

Let’s live a happy and healthy life together! 🙂


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  1. Ugh I wish I had read this sooner… I already bought Bodyboss a few days ago. I am waiting for it to arrive atmy home. Does anybody know if they offer free cancellation?

  2. Finally someone who agrees with me about bodyBoss!!!! I was so upset when i received the program and it didn’t come with hardly anything! Bikini Body is a much much better deal!

  3. I’m with Paisley!! So happy I found this before I bought! I had a funny feeling about bodyboss method. Thank you for exposing the truth!

  4. The problem with BodyBoss is it has so many social media followers they can basically advertise anything and the people will buy. Thankfully we had the brains to actually look to see if the program was legit or not!! Thank you for sharing and congrats on your results!

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